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Lower Health Care Costs, minimize time lost, lower insurance premiums and boost Morale!


Savvy employers know that the answer to a successful business is People Power; engaged, committed and loyal team members.

We know that STRESS is now a common factor in the workplace.  Advances in technology accomplish tasks faster but they also bind us to the virtual desk 24/7.  Checking and responding to emails before getting out of bed in the morning is as common as brushing your teeth.

Focusing on wellness based initiatives that allow for stress relief and improved health driven programs such as exercise and nutrition are no longer a luxury, this emphasis is necessary for companies to stay competitive in this new work landscape.  Healthy and happy employees are proven to be more productive, motivated and dedicated.

Consider this:

The extra bonus is taking a proactive approach to lowering insurance premiums, adding preventive care and lowering health care costs.

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Our innovative and cutting edge solution:

Introducing ZenZone™ by sanctuate!, a TURNKEY ‘smart’ massage addition to your Employee Wellness Program, surely to be most popular and appreciated.  We have taken the wildly popular sanctuate! ‘experience’ and duplicated it to fit into your workplace.  The centerpiece is the Inada  DreamWave or Flex 3S massage chair, complemented by a Bose noise canceling headset with an iPod loaded with soothing sounds, Himalayan salt lamp to freshen the air.  We provide privacy with a décor appropriate room divider.

You and your team can go to a quiet place, close your eyes, take a deep breath and REALLY take a break.

75 square feet is all we need to create a place where employees can truly recharge and come back to their workplace relieved of stress, pain and work fatigue.

Assign us the space, our team does the rest!



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Build your own relax zone

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ZenZone™ Includes:

  • Inada DreamWave or Flex 3s Chair™
  • Bose® Noise Canceling Headset
  • iPod with relaxing music
  • Side Table
  • Himalayan Salt Lamp
  • Privacy Room Divider where appropriate
  • Extended 5 Year Warranty
  • Assembly included for immediate use
  • Turnkey, requires only 75 square feet

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