Sanctuate! Services for Modern Wellness

Smart’ Massage

Full body, no undressing or oils. Our DreamWave computerized chair measures your frame for a customized massage each time.  A Transformational Experience!

15 minute pick-me up….$15

30 minute treatment…..$25

Compare to 60 minute traditional massage

45 minute treatment…..$35

Compare to 90 minute traditional massage

60 minute treatment…..$45

Compare to 2-hour traditional massage

FAR Infrared Body Treatment

Burn up to 600 calories, melt fat, detox, and relieve pain from the neck down with natural and anti-inflammatory effects in this heat based treatment!

30 minute treatment……$39

LED Photo Facial Treatment

Choose from anti-aging or anti-bacterial

Treat fine lines, wrinkles, age spots, sun damage, scars and skin laxity!

30 minute photo facial………$19

Willow Curve Treatment

This cutting edge technology uses photo and thermal energy to reduce inflammation and joint pain!

25 minute curve treatment…$19

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