The Massage REVOLUTION Is Here!

Imagine a place where you can remove the day's stresses and unrelenting chatter in your mind.

By engaging all 5 senses in focused relaxation (sanctuating),
your mind quiets and you become truly at peace.

Your sanctuate! journey begins when you walk through the front door and are escorted to your private treatment room.

Domed ceilings and soft lighting welcome you in; breathe deeply, and aromatherapy fills you with a sense of calm.

No undressing, just set aside your personal items and take off your shoes -- your Inada DreamWave massage awaits.

Put on your wireless Bose noise-canceling headset to hear the relaxing sounds of nature and song, then climb into the cradling arms of your chair.

With a press of a button, the DreamWave adjusts to your height and an infrared scanner discovers your pressure points and knotted muscles -- now your massage begins.

Above you, beautiful images whisk you away to another world and your body begins to finally let go.

Enjoy the clean, fresh aroma that fills your treatment room.
Experience the soft touch of the Inada Sogno DreamWave, "The World's Best Massage Chair™."
Listen to relaxing music on a Bose Noise Cancelling Headset.
Watch calm, soothing images as they loop on a flat screen.

Your chair will stretch, massage, knead, and caress away your aches and stress.
15, 30, 45 minutes or more -- how long, and which of the 8 programs you use to sanctuate!, is up to you.

Relax -- Dream -- Sanctuate!

When your session is complete and you are ready to walk back into the world, treat your final sense (your sense of taste) to a gourmet chocolate that melts in your mouth and lingers there, reminding you of your time spent at sanctuate!

At sanctuate! your body, mind, and spirit will find complete relief in minutes, at a price you can afford.

Enjoy a piece of chocolate to complete your luxury massage experience.

Inada Sogno DreamWave Programs

Full Body Full Body Air Youth Quick
Full Body
Get pampered from head to toe.
approx 15 minutes
This full body massage is carefully choreographed to relieve back pain and muscle fatigue. Robotic hands and air cells work together to target key acupressure points.
Full Body Air
Relax and renew all over.
approx 15 minutes
This full body massage uses 101 air cells to promote all-over relaxation. Perfect for expectant mothers who need a gentle touch.
Try a massage with a gentler touch.
approx 8 minutes
Approximately 39% of youth experience back pain in any given month. This massage is designed specifically for them. This massage uses a soft touch to relieve pain and stress on a smaller frame.
Recharge when you're short on time.
approx 8 minutes
This full body massage promotes rejuvenation and healing in just a few minutes.

Morning Night Stretch DreamWave
Wake up and start the day!
approx 15 minutes
This invigorating "centripetal" massage stimulates muscles by moving blood toward the center of the body.
Wind down and prepare to sleep.
approx 15 minutes
This relaxing "centrifugal" massage relieves tension by moving blood away from the center of the body.
Give special attention to your back and torso.
approx 8 minutes
This program uses sequenced air and mechanical movements to extend, flex, and gently rotate and stretch the shoulders, back, and hips.
Experience total relaxation.
approx 15 minutes
This signature massage balances the body by replicating the undulating, figure eight motion of a shiatsu massage session. Add this program to the end of any massage to promote muscle balance.