Focused Pain Relief

Introducing the Willow Curve

The newest Digital Anti-inflamatory device


Used by hospitals, clinics and the Navy Seals, this is now available at your fingertips

The Willow Curve is the first device developed with digital technology, providing effective treatment of joint pain and inflammation. The light and portable, U-shaped device can be placed on many different joints for relief of swelling and discomfort. The adjustable Velcro strap holds the Curve securely in place while you relax during a 25-minute treatment.

The Willow Curve has been used successfully to treat a number of conditions in thousands of hospitals and clinics nationwide, as well by the Navy SEALS and in professional sports training facilities.

Some users experience relief and a better range of motion from the very first use, while others require a few treatments before feeling a reduction in pain and inflammation. The medication-free Willow Curve is safe to use multiple times a day if your difficult pain requires more than one treatment in a 24-hour period.


Over 150 Bio-Sensory and Bio-Therapeutic Components


Because the Willow Curve is a smart computer, at the beginning of each treatment it assesses the condition of your joint and delivers a targeted, customized “digital prescription” based on the assessment. Photonic and thermal kinetic energies are emitted and absorbed through the skin, triggering a series of helpful responses in the body.

The diagnostic sensors continually read your body’s thermal and electrical response to the Willow device. It is this information that helps to determine your digital prescription.
The Curve’s internal chips continuously monitor the data collected from the diagnostic sensors and creates a tailored digital prescription on-the-fly to be delivered directly to your body.


A Few Options for Relief


30 minute treatment……………$19