‘Smart’ Massage therapy

Re-Defining Massage for this century


The sanctuate! ‘Experience’ combines the ancient practice of acupressure, high tech robotics and computer driven, infrared scanners, for the most technically advanced stress relief and relaxation system available anywhere

This is modern, ‘smart’ and efficient, fitting into any part of the day

We have really thought this through. This new, cutting edge concept is meant for the busy, fast moving person who has a great need for rejuvenation and a minimal amount of time.  This is a way to care for your body without breaking the time or money bank.

What makes us different:


  • No need to undress
  • Twice the massage in half the time
  • No mussing hair or make-up
  • No getting greasy or oily
  • Wellness in a fraction of the price
  • Tips not expected or accepted



A bit about the Inada DreamWave, the very best massage chair in the world:

The Experience:

Imagine a place where you can remove the day’s stresses and unrelenting chatter in your mind.

By engaging all 5 senses in focused relaxation (sanctuating),your mind quiets and you become truly at peace

Your sanctuate! journey begins when you walk through the front door and are escorted to your private treatment room.

Domed ceilings and soft lighting welcome you in; breathe deeply, and aromatherapy fills you with a sense of calm.

No undressing, just set aside your personal items and take off your shoes — your Inada DreamWave massage awaits.

Put on your wireless Bose noise-canceling headset to hear the relaxing sounds of nature and song, then climb into the cradling arms of your chair.

With a press of a button, the DreamWave adjusts to your height and an infrared scanner discovers your pressure points and knotted muscles — now your massage begins.

Above you, beautiful images whisk you away to another world and your body begins to finally let go



Enjoy the clean, fresh aroma that fills your spa.


Experience the soft touch of the Inada Sogno DreamWave, “The World’s Best Massage Chair™.”


Listen to relaxing music on a Bose Noise Cancelling Headset.


Watch calm, soothing images as they loop on a flat screen.


When your session is complete and you are ready to walk back into the world, treat your final sense (your sense of taste) to a gourmet chocolate that melts in your mouth and lingers there, reminding you of your time spent at sanctuate!

At sanctuate! your body, mind and spirit will find complete relief in minutes, at a price you can afford.


Enjoy a piece of chocolate to complete your luxury massage experience.

Your chair will stretch, massage, knead, and caress away your aches and stress.
15, 30, 45, 60 minutes or more — how long and which of the 8 programs you use to sanctuate! is up to you.

RelaxDream | sanctuate!

15 Minute ‘smart’ massage………..$15

30 Minute ‘smart’ massage………..$25

Compare to 60 minute traditional treatment

45 Minute ‘smart’ massage………..$35

Compare to 90 minute traditional treatment

60 Minute ‘smart’ massage………..$45

Compare to 2-Hour traditional treatment