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Owning an Inada chair for in-home enjoyment is like owning a Lamborghini, the Hope Diamond, the Mona Lisa……

Of course the Hope Diamond and the Mona Lisa aren’t for sale but they represent the best of the best, top of the line, best in class.  Inada Products are proven to be best in class. Now you can bring this technological wonder home with the most competitive pricing possible when you buy an Inada product from sanctuate!.  No doubt, we have the very best showroom in the world!


Inada is the undisputed leader of Research and Development in the robotic massage industry. Having celebrated 50 years of unsurpassed quality in 2012, Inada is the standard for excellence in robotic massage therapy, it is what they have always and exclusively sought to perfect.

The Inada DreamWave involved millions of dollars of R&D investment and over 7 years of a blend of shiatsu master input and advanced engineering to bring this masterpiece to market.

Inada approaches all of its design challenges that way.  Each and every model, past and present is representative of dedicated understanding of the human body and the optimum chair interaction to deliver perfection.

The history of Inada is the history of the modern massage chair, and represents the future of this continued leadership in innovation and design.



The DreamWave massage chair delivers an immersive, full-body massage experience like no other. With more than 1,200 inches of body coverage, 100 gently compressing, inflatable air cells and auto-optimized shiatsu back massage, Inada’s patented DreamWave technology that rocks your hips with a gentle figure-eight motion and 16 pre-programmed massage sessions, the result is truly transcendental. With fully adjustable reclining and leg elevation, the DreamWave melts away the stress and provides a massage that many people prefer to a professional massage.

Starting at $9,499 current special discount to $7,999.

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The Flex 3s massage chair is designed for flexibility and body mobility—keys to a healthy mind and confident self. Flex 3s is the only massage chair in the world that combines effective stretching movements with traditional Japanese massage techniques. The result is freedom from pain, stiffness and poor posture. But stretching and mobility are just the beginning: the Flex 3s also helps to revive the natural S-curve of your spine as a foundation for improved posture. It also helps to stimulate abdominal muscles for a stronger core, while inducing deep breathing through the chair’s back and shoulder movements that actually exercise the diaphragm.


Starting at $5,299, current special discount to $4,299

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These patented massage chairs come in a range of colors and feature innovation and features you won’t find anywhere else, most notably a gentle automatic rocking motion that accentuates its unique massage functions. Offering a wide range of pre-defined programs and full manual control, the Yu•Me will provide years of relaxation and stress relief. Yu•Me’s proprietary Thera-Elliptical-Kneading (TEK) expertly massages your calves by providing compression and rotation at the same time.

Starting at $6,299, current special discount to $5,299.

Our special offer affords other elements unique only to sanctuate!

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Warranty & Support

Inada is determined to offer you the best massage chair experience you can buy. As part of this commitment, Inada provides buyers with the industry’s finest and most comprehensive massage chair warranty available.

Standard Warranty-3 years

Extended Warranty-5 years $450