The origin of the World’s first tech-spa!

Inspired by the need to simplify.

We introduce you to modern wellness that’s re-imagined, re-invented and re-designed.


Mark all the statements that apply:

  • I’m juggling more things than ever
  • Life is hectic, I feel I’m always on the run
  • I’m connected to my cellular device, 24-7
  • I want to take better care of myself, but who has the time
  • I’m in a constant state of ‘sore’
  • A full night’s sleep, what is that again?
  • Stress in my life is the new Normal


There is no doubt that life in this century has become hectic, harried and stressful!

Change is inevitable, but the difference in the way we live now is that the world is moving at exponential speeds.  Everything is moving faster, is more connected and the lines separating things like work and play are blurrier than ever. As history shows, most change is good, but now it can have a serious toll on our bodies and affect how long we live and the quality of that life as we get older.

From the Founder

sanctuate! Was literally conceived in 30 minutes, a true epiphany!  I was at a trade show in Las Vegas, on my feet for 14 hours and in pain with massive sciatica.  I was encouraged to visit the Inada booth and was invited to give the DreamWave a try.  Though I owned a massage chair myself I had never experienced anything like it before.  The massive hall was uber-noisy, yet I drifted into another space.  As the ‘Night’ massage, (yes, I remember precisely) kneaded and rubbed, I had this idea:  there was must be a way to make this a quiet, exceptional yet available experience.  I wondered what this would be like in a private room, with a TV panel taking us to Far Away places, A Bose headset playing calming music and delicious smelling air.  Quiet, serene, alone, a perfect way to unplug and get a momentary break from the hectic world outside.

That was June of 2011 and sanctuate! opened its doors in January of 2012.

The concept:

What exactly is a tech-spa?

We will never claim to compete with or replace the traditional spa experience.

What we are is the NEXT GENERATION of wellness, the natural extension of the industry as amazing technology becomes available.  This allows for simplified service delivery to fit with our fast paced lives.

sanctuate! tech spa is built to deliver excellence, convenience and affordability

We have added services like our popular Far Infrared Body treatments and Photo facials.  We continue to study the newest tech-based wellness solutions and will add them to our line-up as we lead the way to innovative, cutting edge access to Wellness.

Our objective is to make it easier for people to give themselves permission to take care of their bodies, their minds and their spirits.  Ease, efficiency and affordability is the key to allow people to access treatments more often


sanctuate! Purpose Statement

To modernize stress relief and wellness

to suit our ever-evolving world

sanctuate! Commitment Statement

To provide exceptional, modern services

in a simple, efficient and affordable way